I turned 40 in 2013 but lost my way with fashion way before then.  Or did I?

Actually I think it’s them, not me.  The fashion industry and the high street has long since lost its way and forgotten women like me and headturning women like you that want to be Well Fashioned – if only we could find it.  This blog is all about my search to become #wellfashioned, and celebrating well-made, ethically-made womenswear and Made in Britain and Ireland fashion along the way.

I believe in blogging with integrity and always ask Who Made My Clothes?

Back in 2010, my friend Carolynn and I set out about launching our very own womenswear label, Iconic Ginger.  We got as far as setting up a company, writing our business plan, sorting out a logo and even designing the range.  Lack of time and money stopped us in our tracks, but our belief in Iconic Ginger has never not gone away.  Maybe through Well Fashioned, it will come back to life?

Well Fashioned is my bit on the side, during the day, I run a boutique PR agency, and after years of writing and blogging for others, I’m finding my own blogging voice with Well Fashioned.


If you want to be featured on Well Fashioned, check out my guide to how to get featured.





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