Well Fashioned Friday Find: Bridd’s

Bridd’s Hats Made in Devon

Every week I discover more brilliant brands, manufactured in locations from the Scottish Highlands to Mumbai, the range of brands championing a Well Fashioned ethos never fails to surprise me.

This week, however, my Friday Find is much closer to home. Bridd’s make all their high quality crocheted hats in our home of Devon.

Ruth Briddon, the founder of Bridd’s, started crocheting as a hobby just over two years ago. Alongside her growing love for the craft, her belief and support for UK talent encouraged Ruth to establish a UK-made brand and provide her customers with a slice of Devon.

With this idea in mind, alongside the frustration of slow shipping and poor customer service, Ruth decided to ditch the materials she once sourced online from China and switched to sourcing from the UK. After bracing herself for a rise in price, she was surprised that her assumption wasn’t true. Everything Bridd’s use in manufacturing, from faux fur to hooks and packaging, is now sourced in the UK with no extra costs to pass on to customers. The wool used in Bridd’s hats is a soft acrylic and merino mix, and although Bridd’s haven’t found their perfect partner yet they hope to source their wool locally from Devon soon.

‘Why blend in when you can stand out?’ Bridd’s makes a range of hats in various colours – from stand-out pom-poms or stylish beanies.  They also work with other UK businesses to gift you a little extra something with every order, helping to create a UK manufacturing community.

Ruth has said that her biggest challenge as a new business is getting shops to take a chance on her product. As the majority of items sold in shops are machine made they can be produced quickly and cheaply but Bridd’s is determined to hand make their hats to ensure the highest quality. e.

Check out Ruth’s designs here, and buy directly from her to help support a company which champions a love for Devon and the UK, in its design, sourcing, and manufacturing. What a better way to beat those summer blues that updating your winter wardrobe and also keeping your head warm.


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