Pure London: My Highlights

Pure London is an annual trade show, in which over 800 exhibitors display their finest collections. Some visitors include buyers from the likes of Asos and Harrods, others are just like me, searching for brilliant brands to fall in love with. And how Pure London delivered! Brands originated from across the globe, from fine Italian jewellery to wild African prints. Yet I was on the hunt for the best Well Fashioned, made in the UK or sustainable, brands. Here are a few of my Well Fashioned highlights of Pure London…

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The Contemporary Craft Festival

Contemporary Craft Festival

Lynsey Walters

The Contemporary Craft Festival – I owe you an apology.

I’ve always been a bit mistrusting of craft festivals and tend to give craft fairs a serious wide berth. And with that attitude, I almost didn’t make it to Bovey Tracey and The Contemporary Craft Festival today.

But went along I did. It’s quite local to me and as my Well Fashioned mission is to seek out more makers of the #wellfashioned kind – I decided to give it a go – and thank goodness I did as it has answered so many of my Well Fashioned prayers. To think I used to never be able to find jewellery, textiles and accessories that were, you know, a bit different, headturning and well made. Here, I was in my element and completely spoilt for choice – a new way to shop for me.

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