The Contemporary Craft Festival

Contemporary Craft Festival

Lynsey Walters

The Contemporary Craft Festival – I owe you an apology.

I’ve always been a bit mistrusting of craft festivals and tend to give craft fairs a serious wide berth. And with that attitude, I almost didn’t make it to Bovey Tracey and The Contemporary Craft Festival today.

But went along I did. It’s quite local to me and as my Well Fashioned mission is to seek out more makers of the #wellfashioned kind – I decided to give it a go – and thank goodness I did as it has answered so many of my Well Fashioned prayers. To think I used to never be able to find jewellery, textiles and accessories that were, you know, a bit different, headturning and well made. Here, I was in my element and completely spoilt for choice – a new way to shop for me.

The Contemporary Craft Festival

Any misguided thoughts I had about craft fairs have most sincerely gone out of the window. There was some serious talent on show and talking to many of the makers, there is a strict selection process in place in order to bag an exhibitor stall.  This really showed on the day and made sure standards were consistently high.

Looks like another apology is in order – one to myself for only giving myself half a day to get round the fair. Of course, this was an impossible task but I did manage to meet many makers, and purchase a few (quite a few) Well Fashioned finds.

Miesje Chafer

My top buys on the day were jewellery from Lynsey Walters, cushions and a headband from Miesje Chafer, a coat from Terry Macey and the most amazing ring from Lauren Bell-Brown Jewellery.  Photos and more details on all of the above and more to follow soon, and I’ve added lots of great jewellers, bag makers and textiles artists to the Well Fashioned directory.

Date for your Well Fashioned Diary  

The Contemporary Craft Fair 2018 is 8-10 June 2018 and it’s in my diary. A smaller, but the perfectly formed Handmade by Hand event takes place at Cheltenham Town Hall, 10-11 March 2018.  Until then…

The Contemporary Craft Fair 2017 

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