Made in Britain Socks for all Seasons

I’ve got a thing for socks.  I carry one with me – a lucky one that is – but I’ll save that story for another time, and many many years ago my mum used to work for a sock factory in Stapleford, Nottinghamshire.  

Yet, despite my love of socks and fond sock-making memories, my collection is sadly lacking and I don’t get the gift of socks anymore.  

Instead, I always end up borrowing those of my other half – the half that always gets the socks for Christmas, birthdays, Father’s Day and maybe (if he’s lucky) Valentine’s Day.

But no more – us women shouldn’t be ignored on the sock front – so campaign ‘give me socks for all seasons’ starts now, and will even be buying my own as well as more to borrow too.     

In my mind, socks so do indeed maketh the shoes especially when your shoes are a bit down in dumps, so in my attempt to be a bit more #wellfashioned here’s a few Made in Britain sock makers for you to check out.

Made in Britain Socks  

Made in Wales: The Welsh Weatherman   

The Weather Collection has caught my eye.  Designed by Chris Jones, a TV weather presenter and forecaster from Wales, the Weather Collection is manufactured by sock legends Corgi who have been making luxury socks in Wales since 1892.  

The Welsh Weatherman socks feature rain, snow, sunny spells, and these lovely wind and rainy day socks.  

With more than 25 years’ weather experience, Chris obviously knows his weather and Corgi know their socks (125 years in the quality sock making business) – so this is one Welsh collaboration the sun is shining on.  You can read more about these Welsh socks on the Corgi Socks blog: and shop women’s socks and men’s socks, whatever the weather.  Welsh Weatherman children’s socks are coming soon, just in time for Christmas.    

Made in Wales: Corgi

Makers of sock history – Corgi socks are worn by Royalty with a Royal Warrant to prove it – but they haven’t forgotten their roots nor a commitment to quality.  

Corgi started life back in 1892 when its founder, Rhys Jones, started making socks for local miners (thigh-high woollen stockings no less) before expanding into finer quality socks for Sunday Best.  Today, Corgi socks are still made in the very same home town of Ammanford in Carmarthenshire where they started, and what a fine selection of socks: cashmere, cotton, wool or hand-knitted cable socks in plains, stripes and patterns, and even personalised.

All Corgi Socks are hand-finished using a highly-skilled process known as handlinking. 

Made in UK: The Sock Council  

If like me you think the King of the Mountains jersey is the best thing about the Tour de France (apart from the year when it came to Yorkshire) then these King of the Mountains socks are for you.  Available in one size 6-11 I’m loving the Tour de Socks collection.  

The Sock Council have also teamed up with Corgi to produce the Manchester Bee Socks.  Out of stock now, all the profit from these socks will be given to charities supporting victims of the Manchester bombing.

These Shining Overlock socks, available in small (4-7) and large (8-11) are of movie star quality and don’t slip up and miss out on these bruised banana socks also available in small and large. Both these beauties are made by Corgi in Wales.  The Sock Council is also a favourite of En Brogue.  Love this blog, less so my shoe envy whenever I read it 🙂

Best of British: M&S

The M&S Best of British collection for women is somewhat lacking i.e. there’s no Best of British collection for women on sale, and when it comes to socks, the Best of British menswear collection is out of socks or rather out of stock. 

Come on M&S please stock up with more Best of British socks and how about a sock collection for women?

Putting my sock into it, KV Manufacturing are the people behind the M&S Best of British socks. Based in Burgess Hill, West Sussex they have been making socks for more than 50 years, and make socks for lots of UK luxury brands.  

Made in England: Marco John’s

Marko John’s socks or MJs are made by a family-owned firm that has been making socks in England since 1895. Based in Oxford, I’m liking their ethos: “We maintain the Victorian ’boutique’ sensibility today by focusing on quality above all else. We celebrate heritage, tradition and quality over disposable, short-term consumerism.”  Sounds #wellfashioned if you ask me.  And, their socks are handlinked for a seamless toe – so comfort as well as quality.  

Now, whilst the all the lady MJs (sized 4-7) seem to be out of stock (I’m finding out when new socks will be available) there’s plenty of socks to choose from in sizes 7-11 in stripes or top & tails.  They also run a VIP Club so you can get a new pair of MJs every month, and gift boxes too.  

Made in Britain: Pantherella  

Pantherella opened its doors back in 1937 and is still based in Leicester at its family-owned factory in Hallaton Street where you’ll find its very own toe-closing department where many of its socks are carefully hand-linked together to give a virtually seamless toe.  This is a comfort thing, and I always look for comfort as well as long-lasting style.

As well as personalised Pantherella socks, monogrammed to order, Pantherella also have a specialist collection of socks, including invisible socks or footlets for when you don’t want your socks on show, and you can choose from socks in a variety of lengths, gauge, yarn and colour.  Check out the men’s socks if you want more colour options.

Pantherella is also the home of Scott-Nichol with a fine selection of women’s socks, including the Foxley Fairisle and Sorrel boot socks.

The Sock Shop stock British-made socks for women.

Finally, last but not least.

Made in Britain: Roy Lowe & Sons

Based in Sutton in Ashfield, Nottinghamshire, Roy Lowe & Sons manufacture character socks for retailers right across the UK and worldwide.  I’ve added them here as they also do their own ranges which they sell direct.  These include Sockmine.   

Sockmine are technical sport socks and they even have a no-blister patent and have lots of women’s socks too.

They also make Roy’s Boys Socks which are bright and quirky although only for men or women with big enough feet to wear their socks.

Another great reason for featuring these lovely sock makers is that I’ve met the very sparkly Martin Lowe in person (who describes himself as the bald headed sock seller) and really enjoyed our sock chat.  I can personally testify that they make great socks as even my own limited sock collection contains a pair.

Well Fashioned Credits 

Follow The Sock Council on Twitter for lots of great sock photos and sock celebrations – looks like I’m not alone in my love of socks.


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