Well Fashioned Friday Find: PolkaPants

Here is my first Well Fashioned Friday Find, where every Friday I will highlight and celebrate one of my favourite brands featured in the Well Fashioned directories!

We are all susceptible to a bad-fashion day at work, whether there wasn’t enough time to wash our favourite top or perhaps our hair is doing that weird-sticky-up thing.  But who cares as long as you feel good.

And, we all deserve comfort as well as style, to look and feel great at work… and this leads me to my first Friday Find…PolkaPants.

PolkaPants have noticed that unlike many of us, female chefs are saddled with the choice of loose fitting, unflattering trousers aimed at a unisex market and therefore don’t often get the opportunity to feel stylish or comfortable at work.

But no more.  PolkaPants have created tailored and stylish alternatives to the usual baggy options. Some designs are bold, including their signature polka dot print, adding a unique flare to a chef’s uniform whilst others are simple to ensure that they are suitable for any establishment.  The designs are high waisted, slim fitting and cropped at the ankle, keeping style but, above all, comfort in mind. What’s more…PolkaPants are made in London!

My question, do I need to be a chef to wear them?  If so, I’m re-training 🙂

Find out more about PolkaPants here


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